Step 1: You’ll need to provide your O-YES Home Loans Consultant with a summary of your monthly income and expenditure, including income tax and living expenses. You’ll also need to state any debts you may have.

Step 2: Your O-YES Home Loans Consultant will formulate your pre-qualification amount in accordance with the guidelines of the National Credit Act. You will then be issued a pre-qualification certificate, which you can give to an estate agent to prove you’re bond approved and ready to roll.

Step 3: Your pre-qualification is valid for 90 days. After this, your O-YES Home Loan Consultant will contact you to check whether your expenses have changed during this period of time. If there has been a material change, the pre-qualification will be recalculated and revalidated. If there is no change to either income or expenditure, O-YES Home Loans will reissue a revalidated certificate.

Step 4: Once the bank has assessed your home loan application and given it the thumbs up it will issue a quotation. This will include an interest rate, the cost of the credit, and any special conditions that may apply. Your O-YES Home Loans Consultant will take you through the entire process, explaining everything you need to know.

Step 5: When you agree on a quotation, O-YES Home Loans will notify the relevant bank, which, in turn, will proceed to instruct the pointed attorney to register your bond. You’re now good to go!

Alternatively, use O-YES Home Loans’ convenient Mobile App to assess your pre-qualification amount and obtain your O-YES Home Loans Bond Indicator Certificate.