If you and your significant other have been playing house for a while, you may know that tackling a DIY project as a couple is not all sunshine and butterflies. Let’s take today’s topic: decorating a bedroom together. You may be fighting to include as many blues and browns while your significant other votes for warmer tints of reds, oranges and perhaps a few hot pinks. Or vice versa. Can you see the problem? Obviously there needs to be some compromise from both parties before so much as a scatter cushion is purchased!

But don’t worry: with homify’s guide, we’ll skip couples’ therapy and proceed straight towards a stylish, welcoming bedroom design that is sure to please both parties.

1. Keep your wall colour neutral

Roca Llisa, ARRCC ARRCC Modern style bedroom

Neutrals are here to save the day (again). Consider those bright and bold hues for another project (maybe your study or kitchen could do with a new colour palette). Stick to off-whites, creams, beiges and similar tints for your shared bedroom.

But remember that muted greens and blues (and even a lot of warmer hues) work quite well with a variety of neutral furnishings, so perhaps you could work that seafoam green (or other favourite colour of yours) into a wall painting, linen pattern, etc…

2. Stick to hardwood flooring

Apartment Robertson - Pembroke, Covet Design Covet Design Modern style bedroom

Admit it – hardwood floors are a great compromise seeing as they are easy to clean, can up a home’s resale value, plus it ensures that certain stylish ambience that no other flooring material can imitate.

And if you’re seeking a little soft underfoot sensation, there’s always a cosy area rug you can roll out atop that hardwood floor.

3. An upholstered bed

Maximalist Modern, Design Intervention Design Intervention Modern style bedroom

A tailored upholstered bed with lots of tufted padding at its headboard can ensure a world of comfort and style without leaning too far towards the feminine / masculine dividing line.

4. Include reflective finishes

Beach Retreat, Studio Do Cabo Studio Do Cabo Eclectic style bedroom

Colour can always be a bit personal. One way to avoid accent colours in a shared bedroom is to ditch hues for metallic or mirrored finishes instead, particularly for pricier pieces like table- and floor lamps.

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6. Meaningful artwork

152 Waterkant , GSQUARED architects GSQUARED architects Minimalist bedroom

There’s no reason why your shared bedroom needs to have blank walls. Consider decorations that appeal to both of you and has meaning, like an enlarged photograph of you both on your wedding day / during one of your travels. And speaking of travelling, how about an oversized world map with pins of all the places you’ve already travelled together?

7. Slip in a graphic area rug

Atlantic Views - Main Bedroom Jenny Mills Architects Modern style bedroom

Just because you’re staying neutral with an area rug doesn’t mean it has to be the biggest piece of blah you’ve ever brought into your home. How about a tone-on-tone stripe or a chic graphic motif that flaunts a bit of detail and character without dominating the entire room?

8. Linen with a tranquil design

Yunus E. Ev, ANTE MİMARLIK ANTE MİMARLIK Modern style bedroom

You don’t want to overdo it with patterns, especially if your bedroom is on the smaller side. Thus, go with solid-coloured, high-quality bed linens, but feel free to mix up the tints and textures slightly to keep the overall feel posh and peaceful.

9. Dual light sources

House Oranjezicht, ATTIK Design ATTIK Design Scandinavian style bedroom

Remember that a couple’s bedroom isn’t just about compromising on style – it’s also about crafting a space that works for both of you, regardless of the time of day. That’s why it’s important to have proper light sources on both sides of the bed to ensure some late-night reading won’t disturb your partner.

10. A handful of accent pillows

Bedroom 2 Lean van der Merwe Interiors Eclectic style bedroom

No need to bury that bed under 1000 pillows and cushions. Exercise a bit of restraint and keep your bedroom’s accent pillow count to just a few of your (and that means both of you) favourites. It’s easier to accomplish this step if you save it for later in the design project once wall colours and rug patterns (and etc. and etc.) have already been sorted.

Courtesy of Homify | Johannes Van Graan



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