Whether it’s an isolated cabin in the woods or a charming shabby chic farmhouse, we all have our ideas of what constitutes the rustic design. But of course it’s not necessary to live in the woods, or raise chickens, in order to embrace a rustic style, as there are only a handful of key features required to nail the rustic design.

First of which is real wood, which should always be chosen over faux wood when it comes to embracing the rustic style for your house. This can include wide-planked wood floors and a reclaimed timber table for the dining room, as long as the material itself (which is the real star) can be seen and appreciated in its full natural splendour.

Next, textural variety is crucial, since rustic décor makes use of various natural materials. Think of leather, jute, animal hide, raw stone, and similar materials that flaunt delicious texture one can actually feel. Avoid anything with a strong shine.

Rustic spaces are big on using unique pieces that have a history, which is why handmade décor items are preferred.

While the modern- and minimalist designs are proud of keeping things light, the rustic style uses heavy, bulkier pieces. Thus, you’re more likely to encounter a wood kitchen table with thick legs than a slim-style one made of stainless steel or glass.

The rustic style has a simple look to it, which is why the focus is always on the material, and not the design.

Consider exposed wood beams in your ceiling a bonus – if you have them, keep them, because it’s a staple of the rustic farmhouse design, especially in kitchens.

Finally, your colour palette needs to be calming and traditional. Include many naturals (yellows, blues, greens) and neutral colours (greys, whites, beiges), but ensure to stick to warmer tints (oranges, reds… ). And give those bold paint colours a holiday, as your rustic spaces need to be very monochrome and muted.

So, with that knowledge, let’s now be inspired by these 13 examples of rustic homes – just in case the rustic design turns out to be your new passion this year…

1. Exposed wood, concrete, and a cosy earth palette—this rustic living room enjoys a sleek style touch (ideal for a city setting).

Project 776 Woodlands Resale 5i 'Cozy Earth Tone' Chapter 3 Interior Design Classic style living room


2. Feel free to go a little more “wild” with your rustic bathroom design, as it’s a private space that not many will see.

Guest Bathroom JSD Interiors Rustic style bathroom Wood Grey


3. See how amazing that timber tabletop pairs with the rich texture of that exposed stone wall in the back.

Tanno Arredamenti Rustic style dining room


3. See how amazing that timber tabletop pairs with the rich texture of that exposed stone wall in the back.

Tanno Arredamenti Rustic style dining room


4. Rattan headboard, timber side table, wood light fixture, and an earthy colour palette—done!

Morris & Co Bedroom Styled for Bedeck Alice Margiotta Rustic style bedroom Grey


5. Pair your zebra-print rug and exposed brick wall with some neat and colourful art for a dash of modern style in your rustic space.

Veon Interior Studio Rustic style media room Bricks Multicolored


6. Of course if you manage to bring a magnificent natural view into your rustic interiors, you receive bonus designer points!

Mario Marino Rustic style bedroom



7. Adding a dash of shine to your rustic space can move you closer to a rustic-meets-eclectic design (if you're keen to flex your design muscles).

Helsinki Loft Mr Shopper Studio Pte Ltd Country style living room


8. How about those charming “bedside tables” to really up the rustic/recycled look in this bedroom?

Urban Habitat Architects Rustic style bedroom


9. Always include generous amounts of natural light via windows, generous glass doors, even a skylight if possible.

Liliana Zenaro Interiores Rustic style kitchen


10. Another benefits of light colour palettes? They can make any room seem much bigger, regardless of style!

STUDIO ARCHIFIRENZE Rustic style dining room


11. How about a catching lighting fixture right above your rustic dining space to really boost the elegance?

REFORMA INTEGRAL PISO ARIBAU Vb Reformas Integrales Rustic style dining room


12. For exteriors, rattan furniture can proudly carry forth your rustic design style.

Fabio Carria Lean-to roof White


13. Thanks to lighter woods and a dash of pattern, this welcoming interior enjoys a Nordic-inspired ambience.

Nordic-Inspired Meter Square Pte Ltd Modern living room Wood White


Courtesy of Homify - Johannes Van Graan




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