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It can be downright frustrating trying to achieve visual excellence with very limited legroom. We are, of course, talking about the pain of trying to instill lots of style (and still include a decent amount of functionality) into small bedrooms, because let’s face it: small rooms are nothing new, and they’re not going away anytime soon.

Apart from phoning up a professional (like an Architect) to help you tear down some walls, there are various other design tips and tricks to give your small bedroom a bigger (and more stylish) vibe.

Like painting the walls of your small bedroom a light colour in order for the light to better reflect and make the space seem brighter and roomier. And remember that dark colours absorb light, which will make an already small room feel smaller.

What about your ceiling design? Many homeowners and professionals love this technique, as it forces the eye upwards to take in those colours, patterns, and designs that help give the illusion of more height and interior space.

We all know that furniture is important (how else will you know what the room is meant for?), but careful creativity is crucial in small spaces. For instance, you don’t need to have two bedside tables if legroom is limited. Or a cosy little sofa/ottoman at the foot of your bed…

Speaking of furnishings, did you know that opting for designs that show legs (and we mean table- and/or chair legs) can help you create the illusion of more space? The secret to getting this one right, however, lies in the fact that you must keep the area below the furniture pieces clean and organised (unless you opt for built-in storage compartments, as anything that boosts storage gets first priority).

Don’t forget about mirrors! They not only reflect, but at the right angle they can also create extra depth and/or height in a room. Of course first prize would be to have floor-to-ceiling mirrors (such as a closet design) to double your small bedroom’s visual space.

Finally, don’t be scared of empty space. Instead, embrace it via the Cantaloupe rule, which tells us that a room’s decorations mustn’t be any smaller than a cantaloupe; otherwise, it just contributes to clutter. What do you think?

And while you mull over that one, enjoy being inspired by these 16 small bedrooms that manage to pack a lot of style in little space…

1. Avoid bulky furnishings that take up extra visual legroom—slim furnishings are key!

Single Ceiling Pendant Light ARA In Satin Copper With Ribbed Glass Shade Luxury Chandelier Modern style bedroom Glass Multicolored


2. Cut some non-existing corners and consider circular nightstands to help free up a tad more visual space

Dulwich Townhouse Bedroom LJ Interiors Small bedroom


3. Less is certainly more, so let's keep those décor accessories to a minimum

Minimal on Content But Huge on Style Plantation Shutters Ltd Small bedroom MDF White


4. Don't discount the power of natural lighting (whether it filters through a window, French doors, or even a skylight) and how it can emphasise space

Bespoke Lighting DALILA Crystal Chandelier 6 Light In Gold With Blue Lamp Shades Luxury Chandelier BedroomLighting Copper/Bronze/Brass Amber/Gold


5. Pure proof that an all-neutral colour palette (ideal for small spaces) doesn't have to be dull

White bedroom with elegant Chandelier Lighting ZEVIO 6 Lights Bedroom Luxury Chandelier BedroomLighting Copper/Bronze/Brass White


6. Dangling pendants instead of table lamps on nightstands? Extra style points if you love the industrial style!

Small Apartment Renovation The White Interior Design Studio Industrial style bedroom


7. How about this creative (and subtle) design that blends a headboard, floating shelf, lighting, and nightstand space all in one?

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London The White Interior Design Studio Small bedroom


8. Although lovely, refrain from a feature wall if it's going to compartmentalise an already tiny bedroom even further

Kentish Town Apartment LJ Interiors BedroomBeds & headboards



9. Of course if your mirror can extend to a floor-to-ceiling size, that would be wonderful for visual spaciousness

Small traditional apartment EVGENY BELYAEV DESIGN Classic style bedroom


10. Don't underestimate clever décor (like botanic prints mimicking the fresh and bigger natural world outside)

Guest bedroom niche pr Country style bedroom Wood Green


11. Try painting your small bedroom ceiling a much lighter colour than the walls

A Classic Contemporary Home in Clapham South Plantation Shutters Ltd Small bedroom Solid Wood White


12. To help banish clutter, allow your storage to seep into quirky little spaces

Dorlcote Road, Wandsworth Grand Design London Ltd Modern style bedroom


13. Thank heavens for wall-mountable furnishings that spare what little floor space there is

Eaton Mews North - Guest Bedroom Roselind Wilson Design Small bedroom


14. As long as you don't overdo it, some pretty pattern can also create detail without wasting actual space.

Riverside Refurbishment Celine Interior Design Small bedroom


15. Where possible, opt for creatively built-in closets as opposed to free-standing wardrobes

Oliphant Street, Queen's Park Grand Design London Ltd Modern style bedroom


16. How about an artistic feature wall that cancels the need for additional space-eating décor?

StudioDecor Small bedroom

Courtesy of Homify| Johannes Van Graan



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