Sometimes it's nice to have a change — even a subtle change in our lives can give us the feeling of a fresh start. A perfect way to implement such a change is by cleaning or rearranging your home. So if you're looking to give your life a clean-out, why not start with your bedroom?

New decor can breathe new life into a bedroom and allow you to wake up feeling rejuvenated. Elevating a room with a new arrangement or great decor can also change the entire feeling of the room, which may help you make changes in other areas of your life too.

What are some ways in which you can change up your bedroom? Adding furniture, like a new wardrobe or a bigger bed, can be beneficial especially if you are either lacking space or taking up too much of it. It could also be a great idea to expand a closet or install different lighting. Whether it's a big or small change, it's easy to freshen your space. Let's take a look at some ideas.

1. Matching your accent colour

Design studio by Anastasia Kovalchuk Modern style bedroom

A great way to tie a bedroom together is by matching your accent colour. Here, white is used as a brightening accent colour, and it helps lift the darker colours. If you have the space, it would be nice to add a small desk to your room if you enjoy working or studying from the bedroom. By using a consistent colour scheme, the room can contain more furniture without looking too cluttered.


2. Arranging photo frames differently

CanvasInc architecture | interiors Small bedroom

Arranging photo frames in a different way can instantly spice up your bedroom. Try alternating portraits and landscapes, or try spacing out your photos rather than keeping them all together.


3. Painting an accent wall

Bedroom ZeroEnergy Design Modern style bedroom Turquoise

If you're short on furniture and don't want to splash out, or if you simply don't have the extra space, then try painting an accent wall in your bedroom. A calming blue lends a zen feel to this bedroom


4. Letting other elements shine


The decor in this room is simple but classy. If you already have distinct elements in your room like a unique window or a fun door, then keep other furniture simple. A shorter wardrobe, neutral bed, and simple light fixture look great here.


5. Put in fun, funky pieces

Master 2 Bells + Whistles, INC Eclectic style bedroom Beige

A cheap way to add flair and funk to your bedroom is by buying seating such as poufs or ottomans, which can double as storage. We love the look of these fluffy poufs, which would work in a bedroom for any age.


6. Leave out artwork

Bedroom | Home renovation in North London The White Interior Design Studio Small bedroom

If you have artwork that you love or have painted yourself, display it in your bedroom. Whether you frame and hang artwork on the wall, put it on a shelf, or simply lean it against a wall — the colour and detail will stand out and add a nice pop to your bedroom.


7. Swap out your door

Habitat Home Staging & Photography Colonial style bedroom

Have extra money to spare on your bedroom decor? Try swapping out your usual wooden door for something more unique, like this iron-inspired door.


8. Focus on the floor

Habitat Home Staging & Photography Modern style bedroom Green

While some of us like the feeling of sleeping higher off the ground, it could work best in your bedroom to keep the mattress on the floor. Finding a shorter bed frame such as an attic bed should help. Throw in a colourful rug for a boho vibe.



9. Adding a couch

Chiddingstone, Fulham Celine Interior Design Classic style bedroom

If you truly want to elevate your bedroom decor, try to fit in a couch! Adding a small loveseat or, if you have the space, a full-size couch can be a fun element in a bedroom, especially if you enjoy reading or lounging in your own sanctuary.


10. Don't be afraid of a TV

Xline 3D Digital Architecture Modern style bedroom

We all have at least one — why not install a TV in your bedroom? It can be relaxing to have the TV chatter in the background as you fall asleep, but it can also just be nice to watch a movie from the comfort of your bed.


11. Match the decor to the location

Студия Дизайна Виктории Королевой Minimalist bedroom Beige

Matching the decor of your bedroom and home to the outdoor environment can be a very classy look. Take this desert example, which feels rustic and modern at the same time.


12. Adding elements to the wall

SANT1AGO arquitectura y diseño Modern style bedroom White

Adding elements other than artwork to the wall can be unexpected and fun. This faux deer mount matches the vibe of the room and adds a twist to an otherwise ordinary bedroom.


13. Bring in plants

Vértice estudio de arquitectura Minimalist bedroom

Bring life to your bedroom with plants! Even a smaller succulent can do wonders for your senses, but adding a larger plant can look great in a bedroom as well.


14. Don't forget the floor

Imativa Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

Rugs are an underestimated furniture piece that can really make or break a bedroom. Adding the right rug can bring light to a room, as in the example, and help to balance the space.


15. Establish natural elements

Merarki Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

Going for a more natural look with wooden pieces and plants is a nice way to elevate a bedroom. The look of the rattan ottoman with the matching light wood, simple fan and light fixtures, and spacious interior make this bedroom look welcoming and relaxing.


16. Keep it simple and clean

Imativa Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

You really can't go wrong with a classic all-white bedroom. Adding some darker accents can bring a pleasant contrast, but remember that less is always more. When you're elevating your decor, it's easy to overdo it. Don't overwhelm the space, and know that you can add more pieces down the road.


17. Be courageous with colour

Imativa Arquitectos Modern style bedroom Glass White

While a simple, clean look can be a great option for a bedroom, it's just as good an idea to go for colour. Adding colourful pieces, as in this room, can be fun and add much needed life to an open room.


Courtesy of Homify Emma Haggarty



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