Lying in bed and can't get comfortable? One of the crucial details in our bedroom we often forget about is our bed linen. Getting the right bed linen can mean an increase in comfort, durability, and the overall aesthetic of the room. Finding bed linen that's comfortable and at a decent price point is possible — and remember that higher quality sheets will also last longer. That's why we recommend making an investment in good quality bed linen, so it will hold up in the wash. And with so many options in colour and texture, finding the perfect match to your bedroom is easy.

1. You can never go wrong with a classic combination of sky blue and white! This combo goes great in a neutral room

Tranquil Master Bedroom Frahm Interiors Classic style bedroom

2. If in doubt, neutral it out! Bed linen in creams and light beiges will balance out patterns, like this amazing rug

Bedroom 2 Josmo Studio Rustic style bedroom

3. Another brilliant combination is neutral, earth greens and white. It's crisp and elevated

Riverside Retreat - Guest Bedroom Lorna Gross Interior Design Classic style bedroom

4. Greens and blues also look great in patterns. With this natural wood headboard, green looks especially ravishing

Bedroom Josmo Studio Rustic style bedroom

5. Greys, especially light greys, work for almost any room. Adding other colours is also easy with grey

THE ROOM & CO interiorismo Mediterranean style bedroom

6. Touches of pink are always welcome, especially for a kid's room. But pink can work anywhere in the house — just take this classy example as evidence

Young Adult Bedroom Moda Interiors Modern style bedroom

7. Adding textured pillows and blankets can take your bed linen up a notch

Riverside Retreat - Main Bedroom Lorna Gross Interior Design Classic style bedroom

8. Mixing and matching colours is a great idea as well. Greys and blues look lovely together

TAMEN arquitectura Modern style bedroom

9. Dark grey is a perfect colour to keep things neutral and looks especially fresh against white

zen58 Modern style bedroom





10. Rich patterns and furs look expensive and chic

Imativa Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

11. Darker beiges and browns might not be an obvious choice, but they look amazing in a bedroom

TAMEN arquitectura Modern style bedroom

12. Bed linens don't have to be bright or light. If you're worried about stains, try dark grey, navy, or black

Grupo Arsciniest Minimalist bedroom Concrete White

13. All-white bed linens help to brighten a room and widen the space

Lo Interior Eclectic style bedroom

14. Easygoing patterns are a fun way to add interest to a room

URBAO Arquitectos Modern style bedroom Wood White

15. Royal blue in a bedroom? Yes, it looks fabulous! Try adding darker blues to your bedroom

Merarki Arquitectos Modern style bedroom

16. Red looks elegant in any room, but especially so in the bedroom. Add touches of red for a refined look

Renovations to Gardenview Guest House The Matrix Urban Designers and Architects Modern style bedroom

17. Multicolour bedding works well if you pair the right colours together. This combo of pink red, green and orange works well with the fun wallpaper here

Residential Clifton Lean van der Merwe Interiors Eclectic style bedroom

18. Go ahead and mix patterns! Just be sure to pair patterns that have the same colours in common — like the green here

House Habana AB DESIGN Modern style bedroom

19. Classic stripes are a clean and simple look for the bedroom. You'll love the way this pattern looks for bed linen

bedroom Studio Do Cabo Industrial style bedroom


Courtesy of Emma Haggarty | Homify



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