New data released by Airbnb shows that Hosts across the world have earned a total of $150 billion since 20101 , with Hosts in South Africa earning almost R12 billion in the same time frame. That’s the equivalent to the cost of the International Space Station. And last year between January and December 2021, Hosts in South Africa collectively earned over R2 billion.

As borders reopened and travel began to return, Hosts on Airbnb earned more than ever before. In Theewaterskloof Municipality, Hosts earned around 65% more last year compared to 2019, before the COVID-19 pandemic and travel across the world came to a halt. Half of all hosts worldwide tell us they use their Airbnb earnings to stay in their homes.5

For those looking to join the growing Host community and start earning valuable additional income, timing can often be a crucial factor to consider. Using new data, Airbnb has today revealed the best time to open your home based on when Hosts earned the highest income throughout 2021:

Heritage Day Weekend* – On Friday, 24th September, 2021, which marks Heritage Day in South Africa, demand on the platform was at a high, with the national day being the most popular check-in day for South African guests in 2021.

Christmas Eve payout** – On Friday, 24th December, 2021, South African Hosts earned almost R32 million. Many travellers decided to celebrate the festive season by taking a trip during the break, marking a big opportunity for Hosts.

Summer travel* – Dates in December make up 100% of the top 10 days with the biggest host payout - with the biggest day on Tuesday 28th December. Summer holidays drove huge demand for travel in 2021 and resulted in millions of rands for Hosts in South Africa.

Winter travel** - Over winter and the school holiday period, Hosts in South Africa earned more than R300 million (between June 1 2021 and August 31 2021)



Velma Corcoran, Region Lead for MEA at Airbnb: “In the face of a challenging year for travel in 2021, our community of Hosts really rose to the occasion, adapting to the burgeoning domestic travel market, and doubling down on making sure all guests felt happy and safe on their travels. And with borders reopening and travel back on the agenda for many, looking back at last year proves there is a real opportunity for our Hosts to welcome guests into their local communities, all while earning helpful cash on the side. With the rising costs of living, the extra income could prove to be a real lifeline for many.”

While the summer period resulted in significant income for our Host community – and can offer a good starting point for many prospective Hosts – there is increasingly an opportunity for many to share their home anytime and anywhere.

Becoming a Host

Last year, Airbnb’s Winter Release unveiled new products to make it even easier and appealing to Hosts, including top-to-bottom protection AirCover and Ask A Superhost, connecting prospective Hosts with an expert in their area. To find out more about becoming a Host, visit

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