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Spring brings about new hope and as new life buds, we look at the start of the warmer weather and begin to enjoy our surroundings again. It has been an incredibly difficult last 5 months for many people and we hope that everyone can regain their livelihoods and return to some type of normalcy. From a property sales point of view, we see a massive buying trend towards good value freestanding homes. We believe that freestanding property in Gauteng still provides fantastic value for money.    


Happy Spring!


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'Owner occupants' driving residential development value as 'spec buyers' burn

The current property market is displaying interesting new trends - and while there has been no significant increase in new stock volumes, under-resourced spec buyers are finding it far more difficult to operate. First-time home buyers are taking advantage of the cheaper finance to acquire more expensive properties, with such buyers accounting for almost 53% of home loans during the second 

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8 Home Grooming Tips


Whether you groom your dog yourself or get the professionals to do it is a personal choice. Either way, proper grooming is an important part of being a responsible pet owner. The frequency of grooming depends on the breed’s coat requirements – while dogs like Poodles have to be groomed often, other dogs like Labrador 

Spring Gardening Tips


Make it s a spring resolution to bring back easy-to-grow garden flowers to your garden in September. We show you what you need to do with our spring garden tips.

Get down and dirty start by preparing the soil with compost and bone meal. Follow the instructions on the back of the packers for each type of seed. 


Are you renting a home? There are 5 things you need to know


It's your dream home, close to work and your kids’ schools. You’re keen to get all the paperwork done to make sure it’s yours – but before you sign on the dotted line it’s important to read the fine print of your lease agreement. If you don’t, 

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