Fed up with WFH | "86% of working South Africans ready to return to an office" 

Many South Africans are either juggling working-from-home (WFH) life, along with homeschooling and everything else that goes with the Covid-19 Pandemic. But many are just not finding that sweet spot of balance. Many people simply haven’t got a home set-up conducive to productivity. During the lockdown, the need for childcare has played a major role, with public schools being shut. South Africa also has high data costs, and many people are not adequately connected. Then there’s load shedding affecting different staff at different times – large meetings become difficult to coordinate. Read more

10 small kitchens that prove bigger isn’t always better

No two kitchens are alike. That makes perfect sense when one considers how people (and their lifestyles, and their choices in houses and décor… ) differ. But what does each and every single kitchen, regardless of size, need in order to be a successful working zone (which ALL kitchens are, first and foremost)?

The Lockdown Levels: The Rental Market in South Africa

A new phase of operation and activity has begun within the South African rental market, as we move through the lockdown levels. Here’s what to expect:

South African rental market. Under the initial lockdown levels, the South African rental market stalled to a halt.
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Spring Gardening Tips

Make it's a spring resolution to bring back easy-to-grow garden flowers to your garden in September. We show you what you need to do with our spring garden tips.

Get down and dirty start by preparing the soil with compost and bone meal. Follow the instructions on the back of the packers for each type of seed. Read more



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