The 9 trendiest kitchen renovation ideas for 2020 | General

2020 is almost over, yet we’ve had plenty of time to distinguish between the various style- and design trends that have come and gone this year. Especially the ones intended for the heart of all homes: the kitchen.


Let’s catch up with nine of the trendiest kitchen renovation ideas for 2020 (as collected from our ever-growing collection of professionals like Kitchen Planners, Architects, etc.)…


1. Stone style


Although it never really left us, marble has made quite the ‘comeback’ this year, especially in modern/contemporary cooking spaces.

2. Light woods

Pale woods are officially back in fashion, especially the ones flaunting rich textures like subtle-grained ash, pale oak, and light walnut. Bonus points if you manage to blend your soft woods with raw stone finishes, as shown in this delicious example.

3. Dark and dramatic colours

Black and dark greys are quite popular as accent colours, yet 2020 seems to be favouring darker colour palettes for kitchens. Thus, instead of opting for a single dark accent wall, for instance, go deeper with dark-tinted cabinetry, an island, lighting fixtures, etc.

Just be sure to balance your dark tones with lighter, neutral colours to avoid a gloomy (and visually oppressive) space.

4. Pops of colour

From window treatments to wall options, kitchens present numerous opportunities to play with colour. But to get the colour game right, start by deciding how permanent you want those new kitchen colours to be.

It is believed that kitchen colours, whether it’s for the walls or furniture, should last for at least five years. Thus, look beyond immediate styles and colour trends and commit to a palette that’s going to keep your kitchen looking stylish and practical for years to come.

5. Double islands

For when space is no object, double kitchen islands have become the latest go-to option for premium style, a look of luxury, and functionality.

6. Simplistic details

Modern- and contemporary kitchen designs are all about a paired-back look. And with technological advances also ensuring a futuristic vibe for our cooking spaces, 2020 has decided to make the ‘handless look’ trendy. Thus, if you’re not one for push-open cupboards, try recessed handles for a sleek look that can also be lined with complementary tones and materials.

7. Pantry designs

Pantry cupboards, also known as larder cupboards, have become must-have features for kitchens over the past few years. This not only works to keep kitchen clutter at bay, but to free up a bit of wall space as there’s no longer a need to fill an entire cooking space with wall-to-wall cabinetry.

8. A golden touch

Tap- and faucet designs have evolved considerably over the past few years, and now sinks have done the same. Modern kitchens, especially ones who were created or restyled in 2020, love experimenting with different designs, colours, shapes, sizes, and materials/finishes for kitchen sinks, particularly favouring designs flaunting golden- and brass looks.

Hint: Should you choose to stick with cabinetry handles and –knobs, ensure they’re consistent with your faucet/sink design for a more visually pleasing look.

9. Broken-plan living

One of the more curious kitchen trends we picked up in 2020 was how many open-plan spaces were altered to become ‘broken-plan’ designs. Broken-plan designs still retain the open feel of a room, yet additional pieces (like freestanding furniture and décor) are added to create different zones meant for cooking, relaxing, entertaining, etc.


Courtesy of Johannes Van Graan



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