Live in your new home before renovating | Advice

Just moved into your new home and already planning your renovations? According to the experts, you should hold off and rather live in your home for a while, before diving headfirst into improving or renovating it.


Given the nature of today’s fast-paced world and tendency towards instant gratification, it can often be difficult to sit back and wait until the timing is right to get what we want. Moving into a new home can be an exciting and challenging time but if you aren’t patient, you could fall into the trap of biting off more than you can chew if you start renovating too soon. Here are a few thoughts as to why you should consider living at least a few months in your new home before you decide to start renovating.

You need a break!

Buying and moving into a new home is a massive undertaking that can be immensely stressful and incredibly overwhelming at times. In fact, experts have noted that moving, along with events like losing a loved one or your job, can take its toll on anyone if they’re not careful or kind to themselves. While home improvements are fun and exciting, they are also a considerable amount of work and can cause a fair degree of stress – which if you’re not careful, can push you over the edge if you’re fresh off the “moving house” boat! Rather, give yourself a break and take the time to get over the move and all it took out of you emotionally, physically and mentally. Jumping in too soon could see you making costly renovating mistakes as a result, which aren’t ideal or helpful just after a big move.

Get a sense of things

While you can move into a new home with a list of things you want to renovate or improve on (with an accompanying Pinterest board of course!), a lot might change as you settle in and become accustomed to your new space. After all, actually living in a space is often very different from our thoughts around living in it! At the end of the day, it’s often your daily experience of coming and going that dictates what home improvements or renovations are needed. Furthermore, our habits often change as we adapt to a new home and a new routine and a fresh start or perspective often mean we don’t see things quite like we used to. For example, you might find yourselves eating in the dining room more and less in the lounge or needing a baby’s room and not a study! With that said, it’s best to give yourself time to settle down, adjust and get a sense of your new surroundings while making a note of what renovations could be possible for future attention.

Give your wallet a breather!

Most of us know, moving house can be a tremendously costly experience for homeowners and renters alike. Unless you are one of the lucky few who aren’t strapped for cash or counting pennies in today’s economy, you’re more likely than not needing a bit of time to re-invest back into your savings before taking another dip in for renovations. Furthermore, without giving yourself time as mentioned above, you could end up making costly mistakes or even paying for renovations you don’t even need or want later on down the line! Rather give your wallet a break and focus on making small and cheap fixes or improvements around the house where and if need be before embarking on any home renovations.

Allow yourself time to plan

As with all important decisions in life, deciding to renovate should be met with considerable amounts of time and careful planning. This means taking your time to research ideas, putting your thoughts into designs, planning for executing those designs as well as searching for and screening credible suppliers or contractors – no small feat for even the most organised amongst us! In addition, taking your time to plan properly before diving headfirst into renovations can save you money and stress in the long run as your suppliers or contractors can take the time to carefully consider your plans and requirements without feeling pressure to make snap or speedy decisions. A solid plan also allows suppliers or contractors to quote accurately which means you are more likely to remain in budget!

Every important decision in life deserves time and careful consideration – home renovations are no exception and should, therefore, be treated with the same degree of intention and respect as anything else that affects your daily life. As you spend time in your new home, your priorities and perspectives could shift so give yourself the time and space after moving in to breathe and take it all in before you start plotting your next home adventure. Remember, your home doesn’t need to perfect in one go - part of the joy of reaching your final destination of an ideal home is the journey or adventure itself.

Courtesy of Private Property