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Building Your Own Business

There’s no denying the host of benefits associated with being an O-Yes agent. For one thing, when you join our ranks, you’re affiliating yourself with a growing local brand. Additionally, your career with us could even catapult you into running your own team of agents!

There is an enormous amount of change currently going on in the South African property market, our commission packages allow O-YES Properties’ agents to adjust their working style to suit what is going on in their local market place. We don’t believe that a one style fits all philosophy works in today’s market

O-YES Properties Commission Packages

We have simplified our commission packages, making it easier and less stressful for you to make the decision to take your career to the next level. On all 3 packages the following statements are true:

  1. No turnover targets
  2. No minimum commission charges
  3. No deal penalties
  4. No weekly activity reports
  5. No performance reviews
  6. Fortnightly meetings - ideally not the same week as training
  7. Fortnightly trainings - ideally not the same week as meetings
  8. Can attend fortnightly meetings remotely via Google Hangouts
  9. Meaningful bond incentives via our inhouse bond finance team

This means you get to spend more time with your clients and less time in fruitless meetings.

We want to work with ambitious professionals!

An experienced management team and an effective attorney panel are always available.


Traditional real estate commission split! The office pays all costs, the agent has a workspace in the office and is provided with all the normal real estate tools that are required to run their business.


Agents work from an O-YES Properties’ office and don’t pay a “desk fee” but pay all their usage costs - advertising, photography, printing, boards, stickers, artwork etc.

90/10 ICC - Only available to Full Status Agents

In other real estate agencies/franchises that offer high splits or independent contractor status', there are either high production / sales turnover targets or expensive desk fees. The O-YES properties Independent Contractor Concept (ICC) does away with both of these.

Simply put, if you are an agent who is used to working from home and doesn't need the constant support of office admin or utilise office space, then the O-YES Properties' ICC system is the one for you! Run as a SARS compliant Independent Contractor under the O-YES Brand and receive 100% of the commission less a service fee of 10%. Only pay for the services you require - Office space, internet, advertising, office phone calls, printing, boards, stickers, business cards etc.

In effect an O-YES Properties’ ICC agent can work from home anywhere in South Africa! List their properties via BASE and advertise on Property24, Private Property, IOLProperty, Tivvit and on the O-YES website for no monthly fees! Effectively only paying a service fee once a sale is registered. Reducing your bills, reduces your stress, creating real financial freedom!

So with the extra money made and saved, you can finally take that well earned vacation or buy your dream car. Its your money, you decide! Full independence with the backing of a growing team!

Example of potential earnings on a sale
of R1,000,000 at 5%
50/50 80/20 American Franchise
Independent Contractor
O-Yes Properties
IC Concept
Gross Comm R50,000 R50,000 R50,000 R50,000
Less Split to Office/Service Fee R25,000 R10,000 R5,000 R5,000
Less Estimated Fixed Fees R0.00 R0.00 R8,500 R0.00
Agent Earnings R25,000 R40,000 R36,500 R45,000

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