O-YES Properties decided to make a difference and invest in fellow South Africans by offering aspiring estate agents a promising future through free training and guaranteed employment for those who graduated from the Academy. Unfortunately, many people who start in real estate are only given a desk and a phone and are told to "get on with it" without receiving the necessary training.
The Academy training is made up of three weeks of daily lectures, followed by 3 months of on the job training. The course covers the whole residential real estate industry, both in sales and rentals. Students' activities are monitored and assessed throughout the process. External training is additionally provided and covers wider ranging training topics, including the all-important Intern Log Book process. Monthly "check-in" meetings gauge the intern's progress as to when their Log Book will be completed and when they can start the next phase of their real estate development.
During the course the students are encouraged to mingle with and meet as many of the O-YES senior agents as possible to understand and live in the complex world of real estate. Many of the graduates have gone on to make a successful career out of real estate and their annual commission often exceeds that of much more experienced agents within their first year of real estate.
To find out when the next Academy course is scheduled please contact us for an interview and find out if a career in real estate is right for you.