What do you need to design your own home office? | Advice

Working from home is definitely the new normal these days, but for many of us that’s far from a terrible thing. However, certain factors and finishes need to fall in place in order for you to establish a proper home office/study. Such as:

A home office can be a separate room, a quiet corner, or even form part of an existing room (like a guest bedroom, for example). The secret is to find the perfect spot where you know you won’t be interrupted, can continue being productive without noise disturbance, etc.

It’s easy to underestimate how much legroom you’ll need to comfortably sit and work, get up to move around, etc. It’s recommended to allow at least 150 cm in width and 210 cm in depth when designing your workstation.

Desk and chair
For pure perfection, your desk needs to be at least 120 cm wide.

Clutter can really affect your mood and productivity. Thus, ensure you include enough shelving, filing cabinets, cupboards, etc for all your home office’s storage needs.

Light and view
If possible, your home office needs to have natural light and a view. But position your desk so that it faces the window and cancels out screen glare. And although an overhead ceiling light is important for good general lighting, you’ll need to layer your lighting for sufficient illumination (such as adding a desk lamp).

Clever technology
Cancel the clutter and take control of your technology with a wireless router, wireless printer, and a wireless mouse. And ensure any loose, visible wires are securely tied or attached, such as your desks’ underside.

Don’t overlook style for functionality, because your home office certainly needs to flaunt some personality, too. Match the room’s style with the rest of your home’s, or give it an exceptional look that can inspire you to spend more time in it, whether it’s thanks to invigorating wall colours, fancy artwork, etc.

And with all these facts in mind, let’s now be inspired by some existing home office designs by some of the best professionals (including Interior Designers/Decorators and Architects) in South Africa.

An exposed brick-clad focal wall stylishly announces this corporate corner's location!

Home study office Holloway and Davel architects Study/office Bricks White

If you have legroom for a little meeting spot (which means new furnishings to buy!), then have at it.

Oakhill Church Offices JFS Interiors Study/office

A simple little corner office decked out in soft whites—doesn't this seem like an oasis where stress comes to die?

Office Salomé Knijnenburg Interiors Study/office

Just look at those spacious wall shelves in the back waiting to help banish clutter.

Home Office Just Interior Design Study/office

If you're pushed for space, even placing a desk and chair somewhere in a corner or corridor can also work

Completed wall unit Turquoise Study/office Solid Wood Wood effect

How perfectly does this home office make use of wasted space underneath that staircase?

Rose St House Couture Interior Design Studio Study/office


See what a magnificent difference accessories (like that eye-catching painting) can make?

Penthouse The President Bantry Bay KMMA architects Study/office



Get on top of your home office design, like this one taking up prime space in a loft!

ALTERATION FRESNAYE, CAPE TOWN Grobler Architects Study/office


If your personal taste is more of the classic, regal kind, then a home office of this style should be right up your alley.

Saffraan Ave House Couture Interior Design Studio Study/office


No legroom left for business meetings? Try and turn your dining room into a conference room (it’s not like you’ll conduct meetings in there 24/7).

Dining Room interior design workroom. Modern dining room


From giant lighting fixtures to elegant furnishings, be your own boss when it comes to your home office's design.

Sandhurst home Casarredo Study/office


Just because it's a place of work doesn't mean you can't bring some bright colours and patterns into your home office.

Home Study. Carne Interiors Study/office


To keep your indoor air fresh and clean, bring in potted plants and flowers.

Home Office A4AC Architects Study/office Bricks White


Hint: opting for a laptop minimises the amount of wiring you need to tie back and attach later.

Modern Minimalism Work Space ZAAI ART CONSULTANTS Study/office


Courtesy of Homify | Johannes Van Graan



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