There is no telling what can happen to a space if it’s neglected for long enough. Well, you don’t need to use your imagination, because today’s ‘before and after’ piece shows us exactly how horridly a home can deteriorate if it doesn’t receive adequate TLC.

A simple paintjob and new rugs weren’t going to cut it – this house deserved a serious makeover! And with a firm commitment to the industrial style, that’s exactly what it got…


Before: Not only was the place a cluttered mess, but those walls didn’t do anything to entice us to enter.

騎樓改造前 漢玥室內設計


Before: With that hideous lighting and tiny windows, no wonder this kitchen rarely got some action.

廚房改造前 漢玥室內設計


Before: Ditto for the bedroom – no sweet dreams to be had in this tiny, gloomy and cluttered space!

臥室改造前 漢玥室內設計


Before: Who can work like this? There’s no space for writing, no storage areas, and on what are we supposed to sit?

臥室改造前 漢玥室內設計


Before: Although the living room walls had some potential, the rest of the space was severely neglected.

客廳改造前 漢玥室內設計


Before: One look at those outdated tiles, and we can fully understand why a makeover was deemed crucial.

浴室改造前 漢玥室內設計


After: How enticing and mysterious is that new façade? So much texture and character is enjoyed, thanks to the wood, brick and metal – who doesn’t love the industrial style?

騎樓 漢玥室內設計 Wooden doors Solid Wood Brown


After: Although no generous windows can be spotted, the space does feel lighter thanks to an open-plan layout, plus the dazzling lighting fixtures.

客廳 漢玥室內設計 Living room Tiles Metallic/Silver



After: Now this is one kitchen we surely wouldn’t mind spending some quality time in! Perfect for cooking and socialising!

廚房 漢玥室內設計 Built-in kitchens Concrete Metallic/Silver


After: That wooden panelling becomes the main focal piece in this stunning bedroom. And what do you think of those gorgeous niches?

臥室 漢玥室內設計 Industrial style bedroom Wood Wood effect


After: Some fresh air and natural lighting fills the room via the glass doors, which lead out onto a minimalist/Asian-style balcony.

臥室 漢玥室內設計 Industrial style bedroom Metallic/Silver


After: Glass walls separate the bathroom from the living area, yet the heavy curtains are ideal for maintaining privacy.

浴室 漢玥室內設計 Industrial style bathroom Tiles Metallic/Silver


After: There was even enough space for a slim little courtyard/conservatory, ensuring a touch of green freshness for this house’s new look.

homify Modern Corridor, Hallway and Staircase

Courtesy of Homify - Johannes Van Graan



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