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This is the moment you have been preparing for, when you move all your possessions from your old place into your new home. However, there is more to moving day than meets the eye, and it’s important to not overlook any vital steps.

It's important to consider every cost you might encounter when moving - and to save for these accordingly for things like your deposit, the actual cost of using a removal company and any hidden costs or the need for additional storage.

Simply put, moving house can be more stressful than getting divorced. You’re essentially packing up your entire life, and there are hundreds of things to remember and sort out. The last thing you need is having your precious possessions damaged or stolen along the way. That’s why it’s critical that you make sure your belongings are insured during your move. If someone drops your flat-screen TV as they’re carrying it into your new house, don’t simply assume it’s covered by your home contents insurance.

So what can do you to make sure your home contents stay safe and covered during a move? Wynand van Vuuren, the customer experience partner at insurer King Price shares the following tips.

Why is insurance important when I move?

“Quite simply, if an accident happens along the way, you want to be able to replace your goods as quickly and painlessly as possible, without getting involved in drawn-out battles with the removal company to replace your damaged items,” says Van Vuuren.

How do I make sure I’m insured during my move?

There are a couple of things you can do, according to Van Vuuren:

Talk to your insurer upfront. Tell them you’re moving, when the move is taking place, and the new address.

Insure your valuables for their replacement value, not what you paid for them. It’s a good idea to do a full inventory before the move to ensure you’re insured for the full value of your belongings. Click here for a handy inventory form.

Along with the inventory, take photos of your goods in their current condition, and check them when they get to your new property.

Use a registered removal company. You’re only covered for damage or loss if you’re using an accredited professional moving company. And make sure you have a binding contract in place with the removal company to cover your respective rights and obligations.

Update your insurance details when you arrive at your new home. Your insurer will assess the risk profile of the new property to make sure it’s underwritten correctly.





Why can’t I use a bakkie and a trailer to move?

“Many South Africans are tempted to do a DIY move to save money, but the bottom line is that your goods won’t be covered,” warns Van Vuuren. “You must use a registered moving company to be covered during your move. It’s simply a question of risk: Professionals have the right equipment, vehicles and experience to manage your goods.”

But I’m just moving a small load?

Sorry. The size of the load doesn’t change anything. Losses or accidental breakages will only be covered if you use professional movers.

What insurance options do I have?

This may differ from insurer to insurer, so make sure you check before your move, says Van Vuuren. At King Price, your home contents must be insured for their full value, and the move must be done by a registered removal company. Your belongings will then be covered for accidents, lightning damage or an explosion. However, there is no theft cover – this is the responsibility of the removal company.


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