To be the best, innovation is key. Revolutionising the way property is traded, O-YES Property has once again topped the scoreboard, this time with the world-class global auction app – a free to download, specialised auction platform designed purely for auctions.

The future-focused business, built on 19 years of property experience, is proud to be the frontrunner with regards to both online and onsite auctions, so says Sandton sales manager David Williams;

“In an ever-changing world and a fast-paced industry, we’ve learnt that two things are key: Innovation and convenience. Our easy to use auction app allows buyers to bid irrespective of their location, eliminating the inconvenience of having to be onsite for the auction process. In addition, the app allows prospective purchasers to monitor all auctions and the pricing thereof within their area of choice, thus educating oneself on the going rates. There are countless benefits of our app, including immediate outbid notifications direct to your cell phone as well as the setting of a maximum bid limit in order to ensure that you don’t exceed your budget.”

Williams goes on to say that the creation of the online and onsite auction leg of the business was merely step one;

“Our next strategic move was to build the auction team with the right key individuals, this came in the form of the dynamic, experienced and most importantly trust-worthy Bryan Collet. With 15 years of property auction experience, we believe that Bryan is a team leader who knows what he’s doing and excels whilst doing it. Our state of the art app, coupled with the power and presence that he brings to the auctions, has seen incredible results to date and I can honestly say that the O-YES Property auction team is proud of what we can offer our current and future clients.”

Bryan Collet says that this was most certainly the right move for him;

“The warm welcome, family-centric atmosphere and professional platform serve as confirmation not only at having made the right choice but that I can add value to an already thriving property company. I love my job: The hype, vibe and atmosphere on auction day as well as great people and interesting properties means that there’s never a dull work-day! This app will go a long way in ensuring that both buyers and sellers win, which is a welcome sight in these challenging times.”

The benefits of selling via auction include a turn-around time of only three weeks, as well as the seller saving due to the buyer being the one who pays the commission;

“The seller pays only for the agreed to marketing costs of his property – a formula which continues to prove its worth. I personally believe that our auction division has been structured in a win-win way for all and most importantly is a professional platform that one can trust. The registration process is easy and inclusive of verification checks for bidders. In the comfort of your own home, you can watch the auctioneer live, from start right through to the fall of the hammer,” concludes David Williams.

The O-YES Property Auction App can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play store for free. The upcoming On-Site, On-Line and Timed auctions can all be found accordingly. Alternatively, you can bid on-line through a web browser at

Apple App Store Link

Google Play Store Link 


Summary: About O-YES

Future Focused, service-driven company.

19 Years’ Experience. Established in Johannesburg. Previously in a National franchised environment.

90+ Agents: One of the largest independent real estate businesses in Gauteng

O-YES Properties team specialising in Residential Sales and Rentals.

O-YES Property Auctions team offers On-Site and On-line Auctions.

O-YES Properties Commercial team focuses on Leasing and Sales.

O-YES Home Loans team with the ability to go to all the major banks and specialist funders to secure the best home loan for their clients.

Ranked #1 on Hello Peter in the Real Estate Category.

Innovative Auction and Home Loan App’s to make life easier for our clients.




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