O-YES Properties - Our History

We decided to move from a franchised environment, to enable us to launch a company that encompasses all our innovation and game changing ideas. O-YES Properties was born out of an idea to be able to offer hybrid commission/fee structures to our clients, depending on their needs.

  • You would like lower comm? O-YES we can do a fixed fee structure
  • You would like more service? O-YES we can offer you our seller programme, which covers most of the costs involved in selling a property
  • You would like the traditional Estate Agent approach? O-YES we have a plethora of traditional Estate Agents, who would love to meet your needs

Our Why:

The Brand evolved to be independent, of the rules and boundaries, set by the franchise environment. It stands for the Client and the Agent. The best deal for the Client, with regards to the service they need. The best deal for the Agent in regards to commission, training from the ground up as well as having the best environment to ensure they succeed and deliver the best service to their clients, tailor made to their individual needs. We are all different and so why would we carry on accepting the “one size fits all” thought patterns of traditional Estate Agents?

The Name:

The name O-YES was born in a negative economic climate, to bring some much needed positivity, to an already depressed market. Oh yes is a phrase we all use on a daily basis, without even realising it and so the familiar feel to the name is already present. Making it O-YES instead of Oh Yes, is purely down to what works better as a modern brand. We have also incorporated some of our 11 official languages into our brand, to ensure O-YES will be the property brand of choice throughout South Africa:

  • Would you like to sell your property? O-YES!
  • Would you like to rent a property? O-JA!
  • Would you like to buy a property? O-YEBO!
  • Would you like to get a home loan? O-INA!

Who are we?

We are a family run business, coming out of 17 successful years of running 2 Real Estate Franchised offices. We care about our Agents and our Clients and view them as our extended family. Our aim is to build long lasting property relationships with every one of them.

The Logo:

The logo represents the 3 parties that make up the successful sale or rental of a property: The Seller, The Buyer, The Agent.

You need a willing Seller, as well as a willing Buyer and a knowledgeable and professional Agent, to bring the deal together.

Contact us for a confidential business chat and see how we can help to take your real estate career to the next level!